“I want you to wake up on Monday morning excited about the work week ahead.”

“We want you to wake up on
Monday morning excited about
the work week ahead.”


CEO | Leadership & Growth Coach | Consultant


Stacey Staaterman


Career Assessment & Action Planner


Career Assessment & Action Planner

Did you know that 75% of people suffer
from Sunday Night Blues in part because they
are unhappy with their work life?

They feel burned out and drained. They aren’t engaged by the work
that used to make them happy. They wonder if their work matters anymore.

They feel stuck and even hopeless.
There are two thoughts that keep accomplished, successful professionals stuck in their careers.

“I don’t know what I want to do next.”

“I don’t know how to make a change.”

If this sounds familiar, we can help.

I’m Stacey Staaterman, CEO and Founder of Staaterman Coaching & Consulting. We help accomplished professionals (and teams) get unstuck and on the path to more fulfillment, better results, and happiness.

Maybe that means a new job or industry. Maybe that means becoming a stronger leader to get more results and rewards where you are. You deserve to feel good about your work and excited when Monday morning rolls around.

Now is the time to renew, pivot and thrive!

What’s next? What will make me happy? How do I make it happen?

What kind of leader can I become? How do I lead myself to success?

Driving change for your team; Fostering growth through collaboration


“From the minute I met Stacey I felt grounded and optimistic. She’s thoughtful and a wonderful listener offering smart and pragmatic solutions.”
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Malaika Danovitz, SVP Creative Director/Copy, Saatchi & Saatchi

“I had the pleasure of working with Stacey during a time when I was questioning what I wanted to do next with my career and if I wanted to remain in my industry. "
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Monica Duran, Duran Marketing Consulting

“Stacey is the kind of coach that you want: she asks you the tough questions, she listens to your answers, and then she calls you on your crap...”
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Alex Haddad, Sr. Director, Digital Intelligence, W2O Group

“My time working with Stacey has given me enormous confidence. I came to her as an editor with broad and deep experience, but with no sense of my worth.”
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Deborah Caldwell, CEO and Publisher, Religion News Service

"When I started working with Stacey, I had recently been let go from my executive-level position. It was a difficult experience, but one that I felt strongly that I needed to learn from."
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Paul Edwards, CFO, Converged Security Solutions

"As seasoned creatives, it’s tempting to think we know everything about everything. Or at least we know enough to convince other people we do. ”
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Dave Statman, Associate Partner, Heavenly

“Stacey and I were colleagues at American Express and Time Inc. for many years. Recently, I became a coaching client.  ”
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Tracy Kelliher, Director, Facilities Management, Pearson